Teal Kitchen Ideas

Teal kitchen walls

One of the best ways to incorporate teal kitchen decor into your home is by painting the walls.

This bold, earthy colour will make a statement, and it looks good in kitchens of all sizes. If you have a large space, then teal kitchen walls will add warmth and depth, whilst those with smaller kitchens might want to consider creating a feature wall.

By painting one wall teal and keeping the rest neutral (think white, cream or even light grey), you’ll open up your space. The teal wall will create a crisp contrast with the lighter coloured walls in the rest of the room, drawing the eye towards it for a real focal point.

If you have a smaller space and would prefer to go for an all-teal approach, that works too!

This gorgeous colour feels cosy and homely, whether paired with modern, traditional or shaker-style cabinets. Teal kitchen walls will ensure your kitchen becomes the heart of your home.

Teal Kitchen Ideas Teal Walls
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Teal flooring

Whether the rest of the room is white, black, or even brightly coloured, you can introduce teal into your kitchen in an unexpected way with teal flooring.

Vinyl flooring in a block teal shade looks cool and contemporary, or you could go for a shabby chic approach with teal tiles. Again, a block colour would look good in any kitchen, or you could create added interest by choosing patterned tiles.

Reminiscent of the sea, the sky, and nature all at once, teal is a calming, peaceful shade. Including it from the ground up is a great way of ensuring those zen vibes are introduced to your kitchen - a place that can often feel hectic!

Teal Kitchen Ideas Teal Patterened Floor Tiles
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Bright kitchen cabinets

If you’re considering a teal kitchen, cabinets are a great way to introduce this colour to your kitchen in a long-lasting way.

It’s a departure from classic white, black or neutral cabinets without being overly loud. For a timeless look with a touch of edge, you can’t beat teal kitchen cabinets.

This shade looks great with any style of kitchen cabinet. For a country kitchen look, go for shaker style cabinets, or keep things looking modern with sleek handleless cupboard doors.

You might want to go for teal cabinets on both the top and bottom, or you could introduce a secondary colour. If you like the idea of a teal and cream kitchen, for example, you could opt for teal base cabinets and cream wall cabinets. This works especially well in smaller kitchens, where the lighter colour on top will help to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of more space.

Teal Kitchen Ideas Teal Kitchen Cabinets
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A bold island

Whether you have teal kitchen cabinets or not, adding an island in this shade can look great.

A teal kitchen island makes for a stand-out feature in your space, creating somewhere for family to gather around to chat, do homework, eat together or simply chill out.

Choose a beautiful teal shade for the island, topped with a smooth wooden countertop that will look fantastic paired with traditional cabinets.

Teal Kitchen Ideas Teal Island
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Make a splash

A teal backsplash is another way to add a pop of colour without overwhelming your space.

Break up the space between your lower and upper cabinets with a beautiful teal backsplash - there are plenty of options for adding your personal touches to it.

For a chic, on-trend look, choose teal subway tiles, or add in a new texture with glossy tiles that will look particularly good when contrasted against matte cabinets.

For added interest, you could even go for patterned tiles in a mosaic style or create your own pattern with two contrasting colours of tiles to your colour scheme together.

Teal Kitchen Ideas Teal Tile Backsplash
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Teal kitchen appliances

It’s easy to overlook appliances when you’re designing (or redesigning) your kitchen, but the right appliances can really make or break the look.

Choosing teal kitchen appliances will tie the whole look together. If you have teal cabinets, then matching appliances will create a seamless line that will ensure your space looks even bigger.

Alternatively, if you’ve chosen neutral colours for your cabinets, rich teal appliances (like a teal fridge or range cooker) can be statement pieces in their own right.

Teal Kitchen Ideas Teal Fridge
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Don’t forget the finishing touches

To finish off your teal kitchen, remember to add in coloured kitchen accessories!

This is where you can let your own unique sense of style come into play, adding little touches that will truly make your kitchen feel like home.

If you have plenty of wall space, then teal picture frames in varying sizes are a great option for creating a gallery wall. Fill the frames with your favourite art prints or photos of friends and family for a cosy, homely feel.

Alternatively, proudly display your teal kitchen utensils on the kitchen counter or open shelving.

Playing around with utensils and accessories is an easy way to introduce teal to your kitchen without any serious commitments . And if you do decide to opt for teal kitchen walls, cabinets or flooring, adding some well-chosen accessories will elevate your space and tie the whole look together.

Teal Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Accessories
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Whatever you decide to do, teal is a great choice for any space. Take a look at our paint collection for ideas and inspiration on redesigning your kitchen today.