Red Kitchen Ideas

Red kitchen units

Transform your kitchen with red kitchen cabinets, bringing a bold dose of colour into your space.

Whether you have a modern, traditional or shaker style kitchen, red kitchen units work well to create a statement space. Show off your personality and make the kitchen the room the whole family will want to spend time in with red units.

Go for a glossy finish for a high-shine sophisticated kitchen, or choose matte cabinets for a more muted approach to the red look. Either way, red kitchen units create a focal point for your kitchen.

It’s up to you whether you want to have red on the top and bottom cabinets, or take a two-tone approach.

If you love the idea of a bright red but are concerned that it might be a bit overwhelming for your kitchen (especially if you have a smaller space), mixing it up with a secondary colour can be a great way to introduce red into the kitchen without it being too out-there.

Red Kitchen Ideas Red Cabinets
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Red and black kitchen

One of the great things about red cabinets is that they pair so well with many other colours - and there’s no colour combination more classic than red and black!

If the thought of a red and black kitchen appeals to you, there are lots of different ways to approach it.

You could go for all-red kitchen cabinets, with black walls for a seriously dramatic look. Red and black is a super modern colour combination, and as red is said to inspire hunger, it’s a great choice for a kitchen!

You could also invert the colour scheme, with black cabinets and red walls, or maybe even a mixture of both - how about black base cabinets and red wall cabinets?

This option will work particularly well in smaller spaces where you don’t want to overwhelm with either strong colour, instead creating a perfectly balanced mixture of the two.

Red Kitchen Ideas Red And Black
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Red and grey kitchen

A red grey kitchen is a contemporary choice, with plenty of options to personalise your space depending on which shades you opt for.

Hot red and soft grey looks stylish and contemporary, with the grey bringing warmth and the red spicing things up for a colour combination you’ll never get bored of. Alternatively, dark grey looks fantastic with rust or maroon.

As with a black and grey kitchen, you can opt for a two-tone approach, or use red as an accent colour for an otherwise mostly grey kitchen.

Another nice idea for a kitchen with grey cabinets is to add a bright, bold red island. This creates a focal point for the room, making a space that’ll be the heart of your home.

Red Kitchen Ideas Red Feature Wall
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Red and white kitchen ideas

Red and white is a classic colour combination. One great way to incorporate these shades into your kitchen in a surprising way is to go for red kitchen cabinets and white walls, reversing the traditional kitchen style of white kitchen units.

If a red kitchen feels too bold, white is a great way to tone it down and bring a bright, fresh element to your space.

Adding a red kitchen island is a fun way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise all-white kitchen, especially if you choose a bright shade like brick or scarlet. It’ll liven up your space without dominating the room.

Alternatively, bring a touch of colour to a white kitchen with red subway tiles and a red backsplash. You can coordinate this with your appliances and accessories to tie the whole look together.

Red and cream kitchen ideas

Cream brings a little more warmth to a kitchen than white and is a particularly good choice for traditional country and shaker style kitchens. A bright, zingy red brings out the warmth in cream, whilst cream works to tone down red, creating an inviting space that you’ll be dying to spend time in.

Mix a bold red backsplash with cream cabinets, or add a cream worktop to red kitchen units.

Don’t forget about your ceiling and floors. If you have red kitchen units, adding cream flooring, whether tiles or washed wood, can brighten up your space and add warmth.

Red Kitchen Ideas Red Island With Cream Cabinets
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Red kitchen accents

If you love the idea of a red painted kitchen or red kitchen units, but you don’t want to completely overhaul your kitchen, adding red accents can still give your space a new lease of life.

You could consider adding pops of colour with the addition of red accessories and appliances. A red toaster, kettle and even fridge can all go a long way to livening up your kitchen. If you have open shelving, adding some statement red pieces on display looks great.

Alternatively, if you have glass-fronted cabinets, you could paint the insides of the cupboards red, allowing the colour to peep through in a fun and unexpected way.

Even just adding one red element to your kitchen can be enough to make a statement. If you have a door to your kitchen, for example, why not paint it a bright cherry red to draw the eye for a stand-out look?

Alternatively, deep red chairs or stools at your breakfast bar can break up an otherwise neutral kitchen and add a fun retro twist.

Red Kitchen Ideas Accent Red Appliances
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If you already have a deep red stove - such as an Aga or another range cooker, make that the focal point of your kitchen, and work everything else around it. Choose accessories to match its shade and let this special piece do the talking.