Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern kitchen island ideas

Kitchen islands have been in vogue for a few years now, and there’s no sign of them going anywhere. If you want to update your kitchen, a modern kitchen island is a great option. Not only will it transform the way your kitchen looks, but it will also allow your space to become a much more sociable place, offering somewhere for the family to chat whilst dinner is being prepared, or for your friends to enjoy drinks together. A kitchen island can even double up as an office space for those of us working from home, and it offers a great space for the kids to do their homework or craft activities.

When it comes to modern kitchen islands, anything goes. An island offers an opportunity to experiment with different colours and textures and can be a good way to introduce colour-clashing or modern styling touches, especially if you’re nervous about going for bold designs in the kitchen. With an island, you can choose bright colours, luxurious finishes or clashing textures for a chic touch without overwhelming the space.

It also allows you to play around with lighting, and there are some great modern kitchen island lighting ideas out there. Why not add a statement pendant light above your island, or add soft uplighting to your island cabinets?

Modern Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Island
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Modern kitchen lighting

Speaking of lighting, this is one way you can completely transform your kitchen without going all-out with new cabinets and flooring. Changing your kitchen lighting can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space.

If you opt for a modern kitchen design, it often comes with sleek, minimalist features, so getting the lighting right is important to add warmth and atmosphere to your space. Industrial lighting can look great in a modern kitchen, adding a tough edge, whilst recessed lighting can add extra warmth and help to add a glow to darker corners of your kitchen.

We love modern kitchen pendant lights for making a statement, and the type of material you go for can have a big impact on the overall feel of your space. Glass lights will add an ethereal glow whilst metallic pendant lights create more of a cool feel, both literally and figuratively.

Lighting is also an easy way of adding a pop of colour to your kitchen, either in a tone that clashes with your cabinets, or in the same shade to tie it all together. Pink, yellow and blue are all firm favourites for modern kitchens and work well with a variety of different shades to create your dream colour palette.

Consider your options for modern kitchen cabinet lighting as well. Under-cabinet spotlights are a great way of drawing attention to particular parts of your kitchen. Put your favourite crockery out on display and highlight it with soft spotlighting, or hang a picture and use lighting to show it off. Consider the interplay between your cabinets and lighting as well - pale cabinets will reflect light to create a cheery atmosphere, whilst darker colours will absorb light for a moodier feel. If you have a small kitchen, you might want to go for white gloss cabinets with under-cabinet lighting to open up your space - but if you have a larger kitchen, you can afford to be more experimental with your choices.

Modern Kitchen Ideas Lighting
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Modern kitchen flooring

All too often, we forget about kitchen flooring, focusing instead on the cabinets and carpentry. If you’re looking for modern kitchen floor ideas, you can’t go wrong with colourful tiles. Be bold with patterned tiles - mosaic and terrazzo tiles will give your space a Mediterranean feel - or play it cool with monochrome. Alternatively, opt for colour block tiles in an interesting design, or wooden herringbone tiles for flooring that’ll catch the eye but doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Modern kitchen tiles

Whether you want to create a modern shaker kitchen, a sleek and sophisticated contemporary design, or a traditional kitchen with a modern twist, tiles are a great way of bringing your kitchen up to date.

When it comes to modern kitchen wall tiles, bright colours and patterns are the way to go, much like with flooring - but we recommend choosing one or the other to focus on as your statement piece. Less is more, after all. If you want to focus on your wall tiles, consider introducing a pop of colour with a single shade or mixing and matching contrasting colours for a modern feel.

If you’re concerned about colours going out of trend, you can’t go wrong with glossy white or black subway tiles on your kitchen walls. Monochrome will never go out of fashion, and a high-shine look adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Ideas Tiles
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You could also take the opportunity to introduce a playful element to your space with modern kitchen splashbacks. Create a focal point for your kitchen or go for a more cohesive look with tiles that match the rest of your kitchen - whatever you opt for, modern kitchen splashback tiles are an easy way to revamp your kitchen.

You could create a seamless join between your worktops and backsplash by opting for the same material on both, like granite or quartz. This ultra-modern design will help to open up your space, perfect for smaller kitchens. Alternatively, play with patterns, incorporating colours used elsewhere in your kitchen into a fun design to tie your colour scheme together. This will look great, especially if you keep things relatively simple with your tiles and keep the focus on the splashback.

Modern kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are crucial in every kitchen, and one of the best ways to give them a modern twist is by considering the colour. Even if you choose a shaker kitchen over a contemporary style, you can still add a modern touch by opting for a unique colour scheme.

Modern blue kitchen cabinets look great in almost every kitchen, and with such a wide range of shades to choose from, there’s something to suit every home’s aesthetic. Go for a lighter blue and let the rest of your kitchen do the talking, or make a statement with modern navy blue kitchen cabinets. Grey is a classic colour for any kitchen, and it can be used as the base for any colour scheme. Choose modern grey kitchen cabinets, and pair them with touches of yellow, pink, green or blue elsewhere in the room. You could even take a two-tone approach for something a bit different, with dark grey base cabinets and your secondary colour used for the wall cabinets.

We love incorporating open shelving into your kitchen as well as cabinets. Modern kitchen shelves are a fantastic way of displaying your best crockery and decorative accessories, and having some of your best pieces on display gives you the opportunity to add a pop of colour. Open shelves can also help to open up a smaller space, and having your plates and mugs out on display leaves you with more space in your cabinets for your other kitchen essentials.

Modern Kitchen Ideas Modern Cabinets
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Whatever your style, and whatever type of kitchen you have, it’s possible to create a modern space that’s both functional and stylish. Whether you need inspiration for a small modern kitchen, or are looking for a modern open plan kitchen, Omega can help. Start your kitchen journey with us today.