True Rigid Cabinet

Rigid Cabinet Open

A true rigid cabinet offers both better quality and aesthetics than an assembled flat-pack cabinet with no visible fixings inside or under the cabinet. Also, all Sheraton panels are produced specifically for each cabinet, therefore ensuring there are no redundant drill holes.

Protective Edging

Rigid New Edging

The kitchen is an environment of constantly changing temperature and humidity. To protect your kitchen, Sheraton units are supplied with the finest, durable 1.3mm PVC edging on all exposed edges. Not only does this provide a better finish, more importantly it provides better protection against moisture.

A Choice of Drawers

Rigid Scala Drawer Profile 1

A quality kitchen deserves a superior drawer box. Sheraton Kitchens feature drawers from GRASS, one of the world's leading suppliers of quality drawer systems. There are two choices of drawer box, Scala and Nova Pro Aluminium. Scala is supplied as standard and features a sleek, contemporary profile, whilst the darker colour also complements the Graphite cabinet colour.

Soft Close Hinges

Rigid Hinge

To match the well-crafted quality of the drawers, Sheraton cabinets are supplied with GRASS Tiomos hinges. These have a modern square design with no visible fixings and an integrated soft close action that's both reliable and consistent, even from 30 degrees, with no bounce-back. The Tiomos hinge is also child safe to ensure little fingers are not trapped in the linkages.

Colour Co-ordination

Cabinet Colours 2019

Sheraton cabinets are available in 13 cabinet colour options, including gloss white, ivory, stone and cashmere, platinum white, matt ivory and cashmere, lissa oak, sand oak, aluminium, graphite, white oak and limestone.