Deciding to remove some of those upper kitchen cabinets can have a massive impact on the look of your kitchen. The additional space will allow more light into your kitchen, which was previously blocked by large units, plus you have the added benefit of having your much-loved utensils readily at hand, without rummaging in any dark corners. And if you’re easily bored, your style can change from day to day depending on which of your beautiful crockery or ceramics you choose to display.

Baby Steps

Okay – so you’re not ready to go ripping out all your upper cabinets yet, but you can still get the open feel of shelving without taking any drastic action. Simply by removing your cabinet doors, you can create that open feeling, whilst still having all the storage space you crave.

Add Impact

You can make an impact by painting the back of your units, or behind your shelves a striking colour, or lining with wallpaper to express your unique character. The perfect showcase for all your favourite pieces.

Divide and conquer

Maybe you want to embrace the unending trend for open living, but feel like you need a little separation from your lounge area. A convenient and easy way to do this is the create a large shelf display between the two areas. Put it on wheels and you can make each space as large or small as you need!

How’s it hanging?

What’s not to love about creating extra storage space on that previously untouched area – the ceiling. It’s an excellent way to maximise space and is especially handy over an island – where a quick stretch puts you in reach of everything you need.

Bright and Beautiful

Don’t let windows get in your way if you want a shelf in a particular area. The light flooding through can create amazing prism like effects on glassware, silverware and bottles. Alternatively, create your own green space with a display of your favourite fauna, or even keep your own fresh herbs handy. They will act as an immediate mood lifter and (hopefully) flourish in their sunny environment.

Make a splash

Make your already hard-working backsplash area take its work-load to another level. By placing shelving here you can create a multi-functional space that not only protects your walls, but also keeps handy all the bits and bobs you need whilst cooking. You can also liven up a potentially dull area with beautiful crockery that’s too special to hide away in a cupboard.

Funk up the junk!

We all love a bit of upcycling – and the trend looks to be continuing. There’s a certain excitement linked to getting ‘something for nothing’ that really gets our creative juices flowing. You’d be surprised what you can create shelving from – crates, pipes, leather belts and even school lockers. The list is endless – with a little imagination, of course…