Wood Products

Wood is a natural material with an endless variety of textures and grains, which adds to it's beauty and charm. These are natural characteristics and not faults in the product.

Both natural wood and painted wood may change colour over a period of time depending on exposure to sunlight.

Paint Sample Swatches

Every effort has been made to ensure that the colour shown on our paint sample swatches is a true representation of the finished kitchen doors, however, due to batch variances, and as samples will change colour slightly over time, we are unable to guarantee an exact match.

We therefore recommend that you view a full sample door or display prior to placing your order.


At Omega PLC, we take care to make sure that our brochures and buying guides are accurate. However, as we are constantly improving our kitchens and products, we may occasionally make changes to our ranges after publication.

All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Whilst the colours in the brochures are matched as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee exact replication of colour or finish and therefore recommend visiting your nearest retailer to view a sample before placing your order.