Rta Pan Drawer With Oak Drawer Boxes
Sheraton Lift Up Flap Wall Unit

Vertical Space

Lift-up wall units are ideal for kitchens with narrow dimensions, particularly those with more vertical space. The unit doors slide upwards, and their mechanism ensures they remain open, allowing unhindered access to storage during cooking, without an open door restricting movement – perfect for apartment living.

L Shape Corner Unit


Retrieving utensils from within corner units can be an arduous task. Our L-Shape corner units are fitted without a centre panel, providing cross-storage, and additional space for troublesome pan handles. This design simplifies access to hard-to-reach spaces.

Lemans Ii Propped Anthracite

Items can be stored without a struggle using the LeMans Corner storage system. Instead of fumbling on your knees in the dark, this retractable unit allows your customer to retrieve kitchen items with minimal effort. No restacking, no rearranging.

Magiccorner Full 2010 09 15

The Magic Corner Unit amplifies storage space; condiments, dry foods and tinned goods can be stored in these flexible drawers, which have a large weight-bearing capacity, and utilise all four corners of the cabinet. The unit will allow your customers unlimited access to storage, without the need to remove the contents of your cupboard to reach that one item at the back. Other options include the carousel unit.


Build to Rent kitchens with limited space can double their available shelving with pull-out storage units. The pull-out tandem unit utilises all available space within the cabinet – a space for everything.

Tandem Larder Propped Anthracite

The pull-out swing larder storage offers another advantage - a flexible mechanism which allows the shelves to be swivelled up to 180 degrees. This is a sophisticated option for kitchens with limited floor space, enabling access to all items without restricting accessibility around the kitchen.

Dispensa Swing Classic 2010 10 12
No15 Towel 2010 09 15


Pull-out towel rails allow for the storage of unsightly tea towels, along with all of the washing up products which clutter up sink areas. Safe storage of cleaning products is also enabled when cooking with limited space, and for families with small children.

Kessebohmer Pull Out Tray Space


Removing baking trays from the oven can be a risky business, when the stove is full of bubbling pans and the only worktop is covered in serving dishes. Our pull-out tray space is an elegant solution for holding hot food containers safely, while your customer dishes up.

Bin Unit Cameo


In addition to general waste, the modern household may have several bins for recycling. Bins can pose a tripping hazard, they can be unsightly, and they take up available space. Keeping a smaller kitchen clean and green can be managed with these pull-out bin units, which stow away your disposable items in separate containers – making the trip from the apartment to the basement bins a doddle!