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So, if your kitchen is traditional or contemporary, light or dark, our array of Duropal laminates offer an outstanding range of finishes that ensures you will find the perfect counter to match your kitchen style. They all have incredibly high scratch, wear and chemical resistance and are super easy to care for and maintain. Don’t forget to take into account your back panels when considering your choice of worktops as there are 9.2mm panels to match every worktop choice.

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One of your first considerations may be what feel do you want your kitchen to have. Lighter tones can make the space feel brighter, as they’re great at reflecting natural light. They give your kitchen fresh, clean look, which works particularly well if your kitchen is small or has little natural light.

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Darker worktops, on the other hand, will give your kitchen a richer, more luxurious feel. Teamed with wooden cabinetry you can create a stunningly opulent feel with some serious impact. Do be wary of overdoing it though – you don’t want a dull or depressing space, make sure you accessorise with brighter colours, metal finishes and glamorous textures to lift the mood.

Remember to take into account your flooring as you don’t want to create a scheme that clashes. To be safe choose a worktop and flooring with the same tonal values, or to be a little more daring chose a contrasting colour that complements your flooring.

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Dark colours

Depending on how you use them, dark colours can add a whole new dimension to your kitchen. Whether it’s cabinetry or worktops, rich, deep colours can create a different ambiance when paired with a variety of materials. Grey cabinets against the marble effect of Marmor Bianco worktops looks clean and elegant, Oxford Blue doors paired with the bronze, earthy tones of Antique Messina create a warm, traditional feel with a slight edge to it, or mix Anthracite with Bellato Grey or Welsh Slate for a modern, industrial vibe.

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Wood finishes

If your kitchen is neutral whites or creams, select a wood effect worktop that has a soft, warm tone, such as Block Walnut or Woodmix Block, which give a classic, timeless feel and creates a homely, welcoming kitchen.

If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your kitchen, but still want to keep that traditional feel, then a blue/grey colour scheme teamed with wood effect worktops really help to bring these colours to life. The cool blue hues will be complemented beautifully by the warm, natural wood tones, creating a calm, serene atmosphere. This styling works particularly well with a Shaker kitchen in Light/Steel Blue with Natural Oak Block or Coppice Oak. The cool ashy undertones of Ponderosa Pine or Chapel Oak worktops look particularly striking with Anthracite or Oxford Blue

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Traditional Vs contemporary

Sometimes a traditional door style and colour can create a completely different feel if paired with an unusual choice of worktop. A Shaker door in White or Oyster can look homely and traditional with a warm Travertine Stone Counter top, but replace that counter with Antique Messina and it gives it a slightly edgy, more contemporary feel.

Go modern with a monochrome colour scheme, sleek, white, glossy cabinets with the shimmery finish of Black Brazil or the grungy slate look of Rabac counters look ultra chic. Or you can switch it round and have Anthracite cabinets with Marmor Bianco – a laminate that has a cool grey marble grain to prevent it looking too stark and sterile. Not for wallflowers - this is a sophisticated look that makes a bold statement in your home.

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When choosing a colour scheme for a kitchen people are often too scared to be a bit more adventurous with the colours they choose in case they don’t like the finished look or it becomes outdated. Just remember – personal style never goes out of date. If you love something today, it’s more than likely you’ll still be able to live with it in five years’ time. Just do your research and make sure you make the best choice for you.