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Affinity Painted Blush White


When you want to create something different, consider the new Affinity Painted door. A unique sla...

Opaco Painted Oxford Blue And Slate


A smooth painted modern kitchen with cutting-edge design, available in range of cool and contempo...

Chippendale Super Gloss White And Lastra Painted Indigo Blue

Super Gloss

If you are looking for the crispest, brightest white, our Super Gloss White is the perfect choice...

Fusion Gloss White


Uniquely styled, this kitchen creates an impressive centrepiece to the contemporary home.

Technica Gloss Light Grey


A feat of form and function with sharp, clever features complemented by a refined and on-trend pa...

Contemporary Vogue Graphite


This new slab door in a graphite finish is a perfect match to the Graphite cabinet and creates a ...