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Answering your questions...

You will find below answers to frequently asked questions about Omega Kitchens.  If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

1. Where can I see/buy an Omega kitchen?

We have a network of independent dealers across the UK who will be happy to discuss your requirements further.  For details of your nearest dealer, please click here.

2. Can I buy direct from Omega PLC?

No. Omega PLC are manufacturers of Omega kitchens and only sell via specialist dealers.  Please click here for details of a dealer near to you.

3. Do your kitchens carry a guarantee?

Yes. Omega kitchens carry a 10 year guarantee, if purchased from 1 December 2013.  Omega kitchens purchased prior to 1 December 2013 carry a 5 year guarantee.

4. What happens if I pay a deposit to a retailer for an Omega kitchen who then ceases trading before my kitchen is delivered?

In the unlikely event of this happening we run a Deposit Guarantee Scheme.  This ensures that we will still supply your Omega kitchen furniture at the current manufacturers recommended retail price list, less the deposit paid on furniture, provided that the amount paid to the dealer does not exceed 50% of the manufacturers recommended retail price.

5. How long will it take for me to receive my Omega kitchen?

Once the dealer has placed the order with us we usually deliver within two weeks.

6. Do you deliver to the home?

Yes.  We can deliver kitchens direct to the home if this is requested by your dealer.

7. If I have a problem with my Omega kitchen after it has been ordered, who should I contact?

If you have any problems with any aspect of your Omega kitchen then you must contact your dealer first. Under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 your contract will be with the your dealer and it is their responsibility to put right any problems.  If there is a manufacturing defect then your dealer should contact Omega PLC and we will rectify any faults in accordance with our procedures.  If after trying to contact your dealer the problem still isn’t resolved, then please complete a contact form and we will endeavour to contact the dealer on your behalf and rectify any issue.

8. If I have a technical query, who should I contact?

Your dealer should be able to answer any technical queries, however, if they are unable to help then please complete a contact form with your query and our Technical Department will be in touch.

9. I have seen a kitchen I like on your website, however I would like to see a display?  Where should I go?

Our network of independent dealers will have displays of our product, however due to the size of the Omega range we cannot guarantee that the kitchen you would like to see will be on display within your local dealer.  All of our dealers have a complete set of sample doors which will provide an indication of the material quality and colour.  We do have an extensive number of displays in our Head Office showroom in Doncaster which can be viewed by appointment only.  To arrange an appointment, please contact your local dealer.

10. I am interested in one of your Omega kitchens, however I have been given two different prices by two different retailers, why is this?

As a manufacturer we can only supply recommended retail prices for our furniture which our dealers can either use or alter if they wish.  It may also be the case that one dealer is running their own promotion which could result in a lower price.  We suggest that if you have any issues with pricing that you contact the dealers involved who will be able to provide further explanation. Please note that your quoted price may also include appliances and fitting (not supplied by Omega) and so could vary from dealer to dealer.

11. I have been on your website and seen the same style of door available in Sheraton, Omega and Chippendale.  Are they the same product, and if not what is the difference?

It is possible that you have seen the same door style available in all three brands.  However, the product itself is different in as much as Sheraton is a rigid built product, made to order whereas Omega and Chippendale kitchens are supplied from stock, ready-to-assemble.  There are also different units available in Sheraton and a different handle selection.

12. I have bought an Omega kitchen with solid timber doors a few years ago and I have noticed a slight colour change between some of the doors.  Is this a defect?

No this is not a defect but a natural feature of solid timber.  Wood is a natural material with an endless variety of texture and grain.  Variations are natural and whilst they may be evident on installation they should diminish over time to create a pleasant uniformity.  Particular characteristics include random selection of grain and colour within doors. Some solid timber doors may also have visible knots and splits, which in most cases is part of the design and character of the timber and not a manufacturing defect.

13. Are any of your Omega kitchens currently on promotion?

We run periodic promotions with participating Omega retailers.  Please contact your local retailer for further details.

14. I have bought an Omega kitchen and want to know how to remove the drawers for cleaning purposes.

It is very simple to remove both the drawer and drawer fronts to enable you to access and clean your drawer boxes. Please click here to download instructions for removing and replacing your Grass drawers.

15. I am installing an Omega kitchen and have mislaid the assembly instructions, where can I find copies of these?

Please click on the links below to download installation guides for Omega units.

Base Unit Assembly Instructions

Wall Unit Assembly Instructions

Tall Unit Assembly Instructions

Drawer Assembly Instructions

Bi-Fold Flap Template

Breakfront Unit Template

Accessory Unit Assembly Instructions

Installation Tips