Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery Act Statement 2016

Omega PLC (“Omega”) are committed to ensuring that their supply chain does not support or get involved in the act of modern day slavery or human trafficking.

As a manufacturer of kitchens in the UK, Omega sources some of the raw materials used in finished products from other European countries as well as from the UK.

Omega does not permit, condone or otherwise accept any form of slavery or human trafficking (as defined in the Modern Slavery Act 2015) either by its employees, subcontractors, contractors, agents, partners or any other organisation, entity, body, business or individual with whom Omega engages or does business (“Associated Party”).

Omega’s recruitment processes are transparent and reviewed regularly. Omega does not ordinarily use temporary labour supplied through recruitment agencies or other parties, and carries out face to face interviews with all candidates to discuss job opportunities. Omega communicates directly with the individual(s) to be employed to confirm the details of any offer made. Robust procedures are in place for the vetting of new employees and to ensure that the Company is able to confirm their identities, their right to work in the UK and that they are paid directly into an appropriate, personal bank account. Omega PLC has extensive policies and procedures in place so that employees and workers are treated in accordance with UK employment legislation.

Omega is committed to preventing any form of slavery or human trafficking in its activities and to ensure that its Associated Parties are free from any form of slavery or human trafficking.

In the event that Omega suspects any slavery and human trafficking by an Associated Party, Omega will report such suspicions, provide appropriate information to the relevant authorities, and suspend or terminate any associated engagement, business arrangement or contract.

Each Associated Party is required to put in place suitable management policies / system(s) for ensuring compliance with the Policy; extend the principles set out in this Policy to those engaged or acting on the Associated Party’s behalf, including contractors; and to permit Omega to audit its compliance with the Policy, including making records available to Omega to demonstrate compliance with the Policy.

As a company, Omega will ensure that its Purchasing Team is fully aware of the requirements of the Act, and engage with Associated Parties within the supply chain on a continual basis, to monitor how they control and adhere to the Act. It will form part of an overall audit process within the corporate social responsibility sphere.

This statement will be reviewed annually, unless circumstances dictate that it should be reviewed and/or renewed more frequently.

Peter Walker Chief Executive